We’re all scared in these uncertain times….

I wanted to reach out in this collective moment in human history to express my deep love and sympathy for all the tenderhearts who are struggling with the lack of information, care, security and resources needed in this time. Its during these moments in life that we truly must shine for others less able to do so for themselves. I’ve felt every emotion possible in the last two weeks from the beginning there was denial, terror, complacency, and now what rises from within is the result of a lifetime of practice in resiliency, resourcefulness, and related life skills that I know must be shared for the collective good. I know many families have never had the responsibility of homeschooling, whole foods preparation, healing arts, gardening, and even the level of self care needed during such a stressful time. I have dedicated my life to these skills and now they are not only put to the test but I find they must be shared to really mean something. Its my hope I can use this platform to share with you all Some of the methods and skills and basics we have cultivated in our life to enhance yours in this interesting time in history. We have nothing to lose and only to gain to shift our unhealthy society in to a truly beautiful future full of the kind of security money can’t buy! To start I hope you’ll sign up for my newsletter and the first one is dedicated to teaching you the ancient art of Immunitea Broth making which is a warm, nutritive and immunity enhancing broth that is a valuable tool in this time! A broth is basically a form of Tea so in this first newsletter you’ll learn the basic art of herbal infusions and decoctions as well! This is the basis of all herbal medicine, and even with all our technology still one of the best and potent forms of medicine! All herbs that I share about are easy, cheap and accessible! Whats more? Easy to grow! Plan now in spring for next winter’s medicine! We are busy in our nursery- planting seeds, our apiary-raising bees and in the kitchen preparing all the medicine we can for distribution to our Community and beyond! Check back to our website as new medicinals will be added daily along with how to videos, and online classes! We have enough skills, money, resources and strength among us to not only survive but thrive! Will you join us!!!????

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2 thoughts on “Pandemic Preparedness

  1. I joined the Sierra webinar tonight. I am having trouble finding words to thank you.
    The knowledge you possess and want to share is so needed especially in this unique time.
    I was born in Eugene and moved back to Oregon 30 years ago. At the age of 74 I enjoy learning tremendously. I have been a teacher all of my life and still teach online music.
    I want to learn as much as I can from you.
    Could you please give me the link for tonight’s hand out materials. Thank you Linda

    1. Hi Linda! I’m so glad you enjoyed my presentation! If you look in your email the sierra club sent out another email with the pdf of the handout! I appreciate your interest in my work and I hope we can continue to connect! Thanks again for the kind feedback!

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