Anise Hyssop

Agastache foeniculum

The passion of Pollinators

Hardy perennial with lavenders flowers, delicious Licorice/mint flavor.

Favorite Pollinator plant! Makes more nectar per minute then most all other herbs. Medicinally, leaves and flowers are used in tea, syrup and tincture. Also Used externally as poultice,wash,bath. Traditional/historical uses as incense and fragrance.

Medicinal properties: Excellent cough suppressant and expectorant . Used as a panacea for all conditions of the lungs and upper respiratory system. Its strong anti viral and anti bacterial properties make it a wonderful ally when the body fighting flu, bacterial or viral infections. Its carminative principals make it useful in soothing and nourishing the digestive system, painful gas, colic and known to ease diarrhea. Its also mildly sedating and nourishing to the nervous system! Its a diaphoretic so it reduces fever while also being a keen anti inflammatory. Traditionally used as both prevention and treatment of heat stroke, also treatment of sunburn.

Flower Essence: Forgiveness, relieves guilt shame, post trauma stabilizer, acceptance

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