Fonta Molyneaux

Mother, Beekeeper, Master Herbalist, and Organic Regenerative Farmer

Fonta Molyneaux is a Mother of 3, Beekeeper, Master Herbalist and Organic Regenerative Farmer living in the Pacific Northwest at Wild Everlasting Farm on the River. There she tends 40 hives, producing not only her beloved PNW Multifloral Honey, but food, medicine and forage for Honeybees and the abundance of Native Pollinators and wildlife around the farm. One of her great passions is implementing a seasonal queen rearing program raising bioregionally adapted Queens & Nucs and passionately sharing all her skills with her Community. A student of Nature and lover of the land Fonta has over 25 years experience in teaching sustainability skills. Her best reference is her experience…

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Beekeeping Botanist and Beeyond!

Her journey into beekeeping came in the form of a heart shaped swarm in her favorite apple tree in the front yard of her new home… She gathered up her real heart that day. It wasn’t all golden apples of the sun. She was initiated big time with 11 stings, a swarm in a uhaul box and lifelong passion. Despite a mystical origin story her love of Bees is grounded in Citizen science and self directed Education. Its her love of both Science & Nature that continues to inform her work with Bees. After years of obsession level research, classes and experimentation she began to develop curriculum that was defined by its alchemy of both Science & Traditional Ecological knowledge. In 2017 she founded Sun Queen School of Apiary Arts, now celebrating its 5th Season offering unique & comprehensive bioregional beekeeping education to the Pacific Northwest and far beeyond! Her expertise in Backyard Beekeeping and Holistic Hive tending blooms in the hearts and hands of the many students she has trained and inspired that continue to represent her legacy on the planet!

Fonta also is currently serving her 4th consecutive year on the board of directors of the Lane County Beekeepers Association where she began teaching beekeeping.

Fonta utilizes her gifts in public speaking to present to beekeeping clubs and organizations all over the country. Notably, she was the keynote speaker with her presentation Botany & Bees at the 2020 Honeylove Natural Beekeeping Conference in Los Angeles, Ca. Fonta has gone on to share this captivating presentation at The Hays County Beekeeping Association in Texas, The 2020 International Bee Day Summit, 2018 Women in Beekeeping Conference, Wisdom of the Bee Conference, The Sierra Club , The Oregon Honey Festival, The Humboldt County Beekeepers Association and many more! These relationships only deepened with the onset of the global pandemic where Fonta became a proficient teacher in the digital realm! This ability made her a regular at clubs all over and featuring many other topics! Bringing Sun Queen School to the digital realm allowed her to expand interest in our ongoing BIPOC Scholarship program. Last year alone Sun Queen School extended 25 Scholarships! In 2022 Fonta will add to her offerings with many more public speaking events, pathways to learning at Sun Queen School, and finally self publishing her Sun Queen School of Apiary Arts Bioregional Beekeeping Manual which is the bible of her coursework at Sun Queen School!

Wild Everlasting Farm & Honey is recognized by THE OREGON BEE PROJECT as a Flagship Farm for Conservation of Pollinator Health and Habitat! learn more…

Fonta is also an avid vinyl collector, music lover and singer! She loves to swim, snorkel, camp, ride bikes and take in the beauty of this life with her 3 children and husband of 23 years who inspire, empower, collaborate, share and sustain all her work!

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