5 Frame Nucleus Hive with 2022 Queen

5 Frame Nucleus Hive with 2022 Queen


5 frame Deep nucleus Hives with 2022 Queen! All stages of brood. Limited supply!

Pick up on the farm in Dorena, Oregon Date TBA! late April!

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5 frame Nucleus Hives

Honey Bees come in a carboard nucleus Hive that consists of 5 frames of eggs, larva, and capped brood and a new 2021 laying Queen.

These are the most sure fire way to build up a good strong hive quickly. These Honey bees come from great stock and we have wonderful reviews every year!

Hives should be installed within 24 to 48 hrs of Acquisition.

Pick up at the Farm in Dorena, OR early May… No delivery or shipping available! Must be available for pick up on Bee Weekend TBA! Plenty of Notice will be given! No REFUNDS OR HOLDS! 

Queen Checks are Done 24 hours before sale. You are responsible for your own risk of travel and installation.


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