Wild Everlasting Honey 1.3 lbs


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Wild Everlasting Honey

Pure Raw Unfiltered

From our hives to your heart! 


Pacific Northwest multi-floral Honey is a floral honey alchemized from sunlight and the kiss of thousands of flowers. We grow over 100 different varieties of medicinal herbs, rare flowering shrubs and perennials and cover crops all grown systematically to provide the ultimate in biodiversity of pollinator forage. Wild Everlasting Honey is produced under the highest standards for purity, potency and harvested honorably with the utmost care for bee centered beekeeping practices. Enjoy the taste of place of our 30 acre biodiverse botanical & bee sanctuary, Wild Everlasting Farm on the River.

Wild Everlasting Honey is honored by the Oregon Bee Project as 2019 Flagship Farm for Protection & Conservation of Pollinator Health and habitat.

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