Nectar Path- 6 month in person Beekeeping mentorship at Wild Everlasting

Nectar Path- 6 month in person Beekeeping mentorship at Wild Everlasting


The Nectar Path leads to Wild Everlasting Farm 30 acres devoted to exploring the kinship between People, Plants & Pollinators. Here, students will gather monthly with Bee Master Fonta Molyneaux for hands on experience in the apiary. During the coursework students will develop the hands on experience they need to become proficient in hive tending and putting the full spectrum of skills they learned in the lectures to practice. Skills like Swarm Catching, making increase, comb reading, holistic management, honey harvesting, and seasonal duties will be covered

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Nectar Path: This Path represents the heart of the Hive- Holistic Hive Tending!

Students will participate in person for 6 Monthly in person hands on workshops here at Wild Everlasting Farm. Where students will practice all the skills associated with the pollen Path and in communion with the seasonal changes of the bioregion. Giving you the experience you need to care for your own apiary with integrity and alignment to best practices. Classes will also cover information about Botany, Bee wisdom & Bioregionalism all while enjoying the beautiful grounds at Wild Everlasting.

11am-3pm PST March – August


Tuition $500

March 27 Swarm season Prep & Early spring management

May 1 Hive tending- developing healthy inspection habits

May 29 Making Increase! Splits, queens and Expansion methods

June 26 Reading Combs & frames: the sacred geometry of beekeeping

July 31 Honey Harvesting & products of the HIVE

August 28 Overcoming obstacles to OVER winter success/ SUN QUEEN SCHOOL GRAD PARTY

*This course requires willingness to comply with COVID 19 policy requiring

negative 48 hr PCR test regardless of Vaccination status! 




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