Propolis Path- Private Mentorship

Propolis Path- Private Mentorship


Propolis Path: Aptly named after the incredible resource of the hive, the Propolis path is for folks who want Private Instruction in their apiaries. This pathway allows clients to cater their learning around doing. Fonta will use all of her experience & gifts, not just to consult or advise but to make the necessary improvements to sustain your apiary. From Hive Splits to requeening to 911 triage Fonta will model advanced skills and teach you best practices along the way!

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99 problems and Propolis solves them all! Aptly named after this incredible resource this pathway is for folks who want advanced skills and direction in their apiaries.

Due to the growth of Wild Everlasting Honey Fonta will no longer be offering on the fly mentoring & consultation to non students. NON-Students who wish to receive private mentoring in their apiary must prebook 3 or more private sessions at $100 each.

During these sessions Fonta will diagnose, problem solve and make accommodations for any of your seasonal duties. From Splits to re queening, organic treatments and 911 triage. Fonta doesn’t just advise she uses all her experience, skills and gifts to create desirable outcomes in your apiary that can make or break your season….

$300 for 3 sessions (VERY LIMITED booking for this pathway)

LANE COUNTY OREGON RESIDENTS (travel fee applies to addresses outside of city limits)

This listing is also for ONLINE MENTORSHIPS for ADVANCED SKILLS & students


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