Wild Everlasting Farm presents

Sun Queen School of Apiary Arts

2022 Beekeeping Mentorship!

The Last weekend of every month!

March – August!

Choose your own of 4 paths to learning!

Build a strong educational foundation in both the science & art of Beekeeping that will nourish your heart and mind in these uncertain times. The Human /Honey Bee Connection is one of the most dynamic relationships on the Planet! Let me bee your guide into this ancient collaboration that has the potential to save the Planet one small Apiary & Garden at a time! Classes weave together a rich tapestry of skills including Botany, Herbalism and Gardening to enhance your knowledge of the bioregional influences on your practices! This unique experience is limited in capacity for all offerings in order to keep a safe, fun & inclusive experience that is focused on skill building in a personalized setting. Register today!

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Class Schedule & Syllabus

Iylah Molyneaux

Choose which of the 4 paths of learning best fits your lifestyle!

  • Pollen Path: This path represents the backbone of the program. Consisting of 6 monthly Online LIVE Zoom lectures outlining the entire curriculum at Sun Queen School. From Biology, brood nest dynamics, to holistic hive tending all in a Bioregional context. This pathway lays the foundation for a lifetime of devotion to the Human/Honeybee Connection!
  • Nectar Path: This Path represents the heart of the Hive- Holistic Hive Tending! Students will participate in person for 6 Monthly in person hands on workshops here at Wild Everlasting Farm. Where students will practice all the skills associated with the pollen Path and in communion with the seasonal changes of the bioregion. Giving you the experience you need to care for your own apiary with integrity and Alignment to best practices. Classes will also cover information about Botany, Bee wisdom & Bioregionalism all while enjoying the beautiful grounds at Wild Everlasting.
  • Propolis Path: Aptly named after the incredible resource of the hive, the Propolis path is for folks who want Private Instruction in their apiaries. This pathway allows clients to cater their learning around doing. Fonta will use all of her experience & gifts, not just to consult or advise but to make the necessary improvements to sustain your apiary. From Hive Splits to requeening to 911 triage Fonta will model advanced skills and teach you best practices along the way!
  • Honey Path: This path is new to the SUN QUEEN SCHOOL experience! Featuring 2 days of instruction and a farm stay at Wild Everlasting! Students are introduced to the course material and given experience working with bees in our apiary! All while camping, swimming and enjoying the new gathering areas in our extensive biodiverse gardens and riparian corridor!
  • Student Perks include Free PDF COPY of the SUN QUEEN School of Apiary Arts Manual for Bioregional Beekeeping
  • Private Mentoring For $50/hr.
  • Student Discount on BEE NUCS and HIVES
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Sun Queen School Student Community support online, in person & at alumni events in perpetuity!
  • Lodging Opportunities on Request
  • Workshops, Events and Public Speaking
  • Clinical Herbalism specializing in Family Health

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We have a Limited amount of Work Trade Available! Priority to Trained woodworkers, electricians, and land care specialists!

Fonta Molyneaux
Founder/ Educator

Mother, Master Herbalist , beekeeper & regenerative Farmer.