Sun Queen School of Apiary Arts

Wild Everlasting Farm presents

6th annual Beekeeping Mentorship Program

Featuring Comprehensive Bioregional Beekeeping Education in Dorena, Oregon and online via zoom! Choose one of 4 paths to learning at Sun Queen School based on your interest and experience. Classes for beginners and advanced students and distance learning online via zoom! Also accepting a limited amount of private mentorship in your apiary!

Join Beekeeper & Herbalist Fonta Molyneaux as she shares her unique and comprehensive curriculum designed to give students the full spectrum of skills needed to begin and sustain their bioregional beekeeping practice. Classes weave together a rich tapestry of skills including Botany, Herbalism and Gardening to enhance your knowledge of the bioregional influences on your practices! Students choose one of the 4 paths to learning based on their experience and needs. Class Size is limited in capacity for all offerings in order to keep a safe, fun & inclusive experience that is focused on skill building in a personalized setting. Register today! Full Tuition Due before your seat is reserved!

For more info about teacher Fonta Molyneaux read her full bio here

Choose which of the 4 paths of learning best fits your lifestyle!

  • Pollen Path: $400 (Distance learning via zoom) Consisting of 6 monthly Online LIVE Zoom lectures outlining the entire curriculum at Sun Queen School. From Biology, brood nest dynamics, to holistic hive tending all in a Bioregional context. This pathway lays the foundation for a lifetime of devotion to the Human/Honeybee Connection!
  • Nectar Path: $700(Held at Wild Everlasting Farm Dorena, OR the 4th Saturday of the Month) Join us in our Honey house classroom at Wild everlasting for 1.5 hour lecture outlining the beekeepers year and 2 hour hands on fieldwork lab. Students learn the full spectrum of skills as they explore Sun Queens unique bioregional beekeeping practices and skills. Class is limited to 15 students, no prior experience needed, protective gear required!
  • Propolis Path: $300 Aptly named after the incredible resource of the hive, the Propolis path is for folks who want Private Instruction in their apiaries. This pathway allows clients to cater their learning around doing. Fonta will use all of her experience & gifts, not just to consult or advise but to make the necessary improvements to sustain your apiary. From Hive Splits to requeening to 911 triage Fonta will model advanced skills and teach you best practices along the way! Extremally limited availability in Lane County!
  • Honey Path: $500 This path is new to the SUN QUEEN SCHOOL experience! Featuring Advanced mentorship for continuing education for past alumni or students able to demonstrate their ability. Students join teacher Fonta the fourth Sunday of the month April – September at Wild Everlasting for a full day of apprenticeship in the apiary in ADVANCED beekeeping. Learn the skills needed to advance your practice or continue to build your skill set.
  • Student Perks include Free PDF COPY of the SUN QUEEN School of Apiary Arts Manual for Bioregional Beekeeping
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Sun Queen School Student Community support online, in person & at alumni events in perpetuity!
  • Lodging Opportunities on Request

Class Schedule & Syllabus

Other 2023 offerings!!!!

Wild Everlasting is a 30 acre homestead on the Row River in Dorena, Oregon

Fonta & Matthew Molyneaux raise over 100 varieties of medicinal herbs, heirloom veggies and flowering trees and shrubs all for the love of bees and biodiversity! Students enjoy the beautiful grounds and watershed during throughout their experience at Sun Queen School…

Coupon Code BIPOC FREE in full effect as always! for registration questions!

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