LOCAL BIOREGIONAL BEES. The origins of Fonta’s entire beekeeping journey began with feral swarms out of the Umpqua National Forest around the Farm.

Through experimentation and research Fonta developed an easy method of raising small batches of beautiful Queens from her best survivor swarm stock and in collaboration with Beekeepers Mandy Shaw of Bella Beek Portland, Oregon along with Jason Rowan of Beetanical Apiaries Creswell, OR.

Incorporating all these great genetics Fonta has produced a hearty lineage of Bees that has great overwintering success and a beautiful temperament.

Wild Everlasting Queens & Nucs are produced on very limited basis seasonally. This year We start taking deposits in February! Nucs will be ready for pick up by May 1st at Wild Everlasting Farm in Dorena, OR.

$250 for 5 frames of brood in all stages with new 2022 laying Queen!

$220 for Current Sun Queen School Students!

These are the genetics money can’t buy! Contact us for more information about our Queen rearing practices! We love to share our Passion for Bioregionally adapted BEES!

Each year Fonta and Iylah have the opportunity to catch several swarms that feature our amazing genetics but we simply don’t have the space to keep! This can be a wonderful way to acquire great genetics at an affordable price. Swarms come in 5 gallon bucket and must be picked up immediately upon notification at the Farm. Additionally, your Swarm must be housed promptly when you get them home! $100 include Positively IDed Queen! First Come, First serve! I go down the list and start contacting until I get a taker!

  • To sign up for our 2022 Swarm list email us with “Swarm List” in the subject line with your name and easiest way to reach you in April, May and June.
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