Sun Queen School of Apiary Arts

2021 Mentorship: A 6 month Journey into the heart of the Hive! This class series is a deep dive into Natural Bee Centered Beekeeping! Each month students will gather with teacher/founder Fonta Molyneaux for a live ZOOM class covering the full spectrum of knowledge and skills needed to not only begin your journey into the ancient art of Beekeeping but sustain your practices with confidence, integrity, and devotion for years to come! Sun Queen School is celebrating 4 years of student success! Students past and present enjoy and benefit from the community of support, resources and opportunity Sun Queen School facilitates. We believe Beekeeping is more than a hobby but a lifetime of love and devotion. 

1st Saturday of the month March-August 10am-1:30pm PST

March 6 2021 B is for Beekeeping: Biology of a superorganism

April 3 2021 Hive Inspections 101 beekeeping practices

May 1 2021 The Wheel of the Year Expansion/contraction

June 5 2021 The Art of Reading Combs and Frames: Understanding the brood nest.

July 3 2021 The honorable Harvest: Honey Harvest & other products from the hive

August 7 2021 Thrive or Die: Obstacles to Bee survival & natural management

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