Sun Queen School of Apiary Arts 2022 Season

Sun Queen School is celebrating 5 years of student success! Students past and present enjoy and benefit from the community of support, resources and opportunity Sun Queen School provides. Beekeeping is more than a hobby but a lifetime of love and devotion. In today’s world the craft is more challenging then ever! Your investment into your education will bare fruits long after our time together.

Together we follow the Sun through the Beekeeping season weaving a rich tapestry of Science, Art & Magic punctuated by practical skill. Sustainability in the Apiary is paramount when the normal average yearly loss rate is 40% of all hives! I teach expansion method beekeeping on all hive styles, demystifying advanced skills and articulating the details in easy to follow instruction. Whether your goal is 2 hives or 200 my curriculum offers a unique perspective integrating a variety of skills including botany, herbalism and Gardening. All important techniques to offset obstacles of the modern era of the craft!

Choose your own of 4 paths to learning!

Sun Queen School of Apiary Arts Educational Offerings:


2022 Sun Queen School Mentorship
6 month Journey to the heart of the HIVE

Online Via ZOOM LIVE! Each month students will gather with Fonta Molyneaux for a series of live lectures with corresponding slide shows outlining the science and art of bioregional beekeeping.

Through this deep coursework students will learn the full spectrum of skills needed to begin or sustain their apiary month to month around the wheel of the year. This path is the foundation of the entire program and required coursework for the Nectar Path (unless you are a prior student)

These lectures will teach you the crux of the science and accompanying skills in visually appealing slides that are geared toward all learning styles. I do record the classes for students to view throughout the season but the class is Live and so much is learned and shared with your participation, questions and experiences! Our most popular pathway at SUN QUEEN SCHOOL!

Last Saturday of the month March-August 2-5pm PST

March 26 2022 B is for Beekeeping: Biology of a superorganism

April 30 2022 Hive Tending: developing dexterity and discernment within the heart of the hive.

May 28 2022 Bioregional Beekeeping: Around the Wheel of the Year

June 25 2022 Minding your Beeswax: the art & science of reading Combs & Frames.

July 30 2022 The Honorable Harvest: the mystery, magic and medicine of sustainable honey harvesting practices and other products from the hive.

August 27 2022 Survival Skills: overcoming obstacles to bee health with practical organic management techniques

Tuition $500 includes PDF copy of Sun Queen School of Apiary Arts Manual to Bioregional Beekeeping


6 month Journey into the heart of HIVE TENDING & BEE WISDOM
through Hands on Learning at WILD EVERLASTING FARM Dorena, OR

The Nectar Path leads to Wild Everlasting Farm 30 acres devoted to exploring the kinship between People, Plants & Pollinators. Here, students will gather monthly with Bee Master Fonta Molyneaux for hands on experience in the apiary. During the coursework students will develop the experience they need to become proficient in hive tending and putting the full spectrum of skills they learned in the lectures to practice. Skills like Swarm Catching, making increase, comb reading, honey harvesting, and overwintering alongside Botany, herbal medicine and gardening! The nectar path gives you a working example of how to put all these skills together into a holistic practice that connects you deeply with the bioregion and yourself. Students will enjoy learning from the People, Plants & Pollinators at Wild Everlasting Farm on the River…

NOTE: This hands on class has a Pre requisite of the POLLEN Path via concurrent enrollment OR previous Completion of Sun Queen School coursework/classes & intensives.

Protective Clothing for beekeeping REQUIRED!

Sun Queen School will follow state guidelines regarding covid 19. We care about your health and want to create a safe place to gather.

( for more info on our covid 19 policy please contact us! Our policies are evolving as the circumstances do)

Last SUNDAY of the Month 11am-3pm PST March – August WILD EVERLASTING FARM on the River Dorena, OR

Tuition $500

March 27 Swarm season Prep & Early spring management

May 1 Hive tending- developing healthy inspection habits

May 29 Making Increase! Splits, queens and Expansion methods

June 26 Reading Combs & frames: the sacred geometry of beekeeping

July 31 Honey Harvesting & products of the HIVE

August 28 Overcoming obstacles to OVER winter success/ SUN QUEEN SCHOOL GRAD PARTY



99 problems and Propolis solves them all! Aptly named after this incredible resource this pathway is for folks who want advanced skills and direction in their apiaries. Due to the growth of Wild Everlasting Honey Fonta will no longer be offering on the fly mentoring & consultation to non students. NON-Students who wish to receive private mentoring in their apiary must prebook 3 or more private sessions at $100 each. During these sessions Fonta will diagnose, problem solve and make accommodations for any of your seasonal duties. From Splits to re queening, organic treatments and 911 triage Fonta doesn’t just advise she uses all her experience, skills and gifts to create desirable outcomes in your apiary that can make or break your season….

$300 for 3 sessions (VERY LIMITED booking for this pathway)

Honey Path


Sun Queen School & Wild Everlasting presents…

BEE CAMP 2022:
Natural Beekeeping Gathering

Students of the Honey Path will join us for 3 nights with two days of all day instruction and hands on learning in the apiary while enjoying the beautiful grounds of the farm, river and surrounding bioregion. This gathering celebrates Natural Beekeeping Culture by offering hands on workshops, presentations, and Q &A periods from my favorite West Coast beekeepers who will bee sharing diverse natural beekeeping concepts and holistic hive tending methods during each session of the day. Students can also explore the biodiverse gardens, riparian watershed, and proximity to waterfalls and hiking in the national forest surrounding the farm!

Students are required to facilitate their own camping experience in our newly developed gathering area in the Wild Everlasting meadow equipped with campsites, outdoor kitchen, shade, fire ring, fresh porta potties, abundant gardens and deep swimming hole.

Protective Clothing Required!

(We will follow state guidelines regarding Covid 19 protocols)

June 10, 11th & 12th

11am-5pm structured instruction each day.

After hours entertainment, fire circle, community kitchen

Sorry, no dogs this is a working farm

$250 per person

$150 for Current Sun Queen Students

Children 12 & under $50 ea. with parent (must have protective gear to enter apiary)

It will be a Full SuperMoon very close to the Solstice!

Fonta Molyneaux is a Master Herbalist, Beekeeper, Teacher & Mother of 3. She developed and crafted all aspects of the Sun Queen School Curriculum based on her experience developing her Apiary: Wild Everlasting Honey where she tends her many hives and raises Bioregional Queens. Fonta is a passionate teacher with many years experience weaving a rich tapestry of Citizen Science, Traditional Ecological knowledge, and Wise woman ways that will empower, excite and evolve your relationship to not only Bees but all Beeings as we Circle around the Sun.

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