Ecological Education and Outreach

Riparian Conservation & Biodiversity

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Pollinator Plants & Gardens

Thank You For Supporting Regenerative Farming Culture & EDUCATION!

Sun Queen school begins in March! explore our unique offerings for both online and in person beekeeping classes & workshops!

Trade for Labor, Goods and Services
To continue our investment in accessibility we have a limited amount of spaces for all offerings in Trade for Labor, Goods and services. Priority is for folks with prior experience in Building, Woodwork, Electric, Land work & Heavy duty Farm work.
We also MAY trade for goods we survive and thrive on: Organic Meat/dairy, Art & Crafts, Live Music for events, Vacation rentals and holistic services.
To Apply email us with your TRADE request, sample or example of your work, Trade Value and availability for completion. Requests are approved on case by case basis with priority going to our vast labor needs…
Accessibility is Sustainability
Wild Everlasting has always been devoted to Social justice through mutual aid, reparations and self taxing. We have scholarships in place for Black, Indigenous, People of Color throughout ALL of our offerings!
Contact us to APPLY as per your interest in the 4 pathways offered.

Roots & Fruits Abundance and Wisdom from our heart & hearth to yours!

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